Worked All California Counties Award

(Note: Click Here For A Complete List of W.A.C.C. Award Winners)

The Northern California Contest Club sponsors the WACC award for stations working all 58 California counties.  An excellent way to do this is during the annual CQP (California QSO Party) held the first weekend of October.  Questions can be answered by K6DGW

WACC Rules

  1. Contacts may be made on any amateur radio band or mode (no repeater/digipeater contacts).
  2. A confirmation must be presented for each of the 58 counties.
  3. Automatic confirmation will be granted for QSO's made in the California QSO party from 2006 onward provided the QSO station submitted a log.  QSL cards may be submitted for any remaining QSO's.

  4. Each confirmation must have the county indicated.
  5. Portable and mobile units may be worked for credit.
  6. The award will be endorsed by band and mode if desired and qualified.
  7. Membership in the Northern California Contest Club is not required.
  8. Your confirmations will be returned with the WACC Award

Submittal Information

Complete the single page application form (wacc.doc or wacc.pdf) and send it to:


c/o Fred Jensen, K6DGW
1229 Ambonnay Lane
Sparks NV 89436

You may submit either a computer-generated printout in lieu of hand-writing the claimed QSO's on the form, or a Cabrillo-format file via diskette or CD. In both cases, the identification information at the bottom of the form must be included with the application.

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