This section contains photos from various NCCC Events.  Examples: Annual Holiday Dinner, Monthly Meetings, Annual Awards Dinner, WRTC, California QSO Party, Field Day, International DX Convention, Pacificon, Special Events, etc.
As youl'll see, many of the photos were taken by NCCC's premiere photographer, Bob Wilson (N6TV), who is rapidly becoming the Club's Photo Historian. If you have photos that you would like to contribute to this section -- or any other feedback, please contact K6MM at: webmaster@nccc.cc

At the August 2, 2015 Club Meeting, Bob, N6TV received the new prestigious ""Gifted Telegrapher" award from award-creator and ham radio Elmer extrordinaire, George, K6GT
(Also receiving the"Gifted Telegrapher" award was Bob, K6XX, who was unable to attend the meeting)

Ed Muns, WØYK Inducted Into The CQ Contest Hall of Fame
at 2014 Dayton Hamvention
1. Announcement  2. Video

Randy Thompson, K5ZD presents the 2014 CQ Contest Hall of Fame plaque to inductee and CQ RTTY Contest Director Ed Muns, WØYK,
(Photo by and courtesy of Bob Wilson, N6TV)

Bob, N6TV inducted into the
CQ Contest Hall Of Fame
at 2017 Dayton Hamvention

Congratulations, Bob!
Dave Siddall, CQ Contest Column Editor (K3ZJ), Bob (N6TV), Ed Muns (WØYK)
Photo credit to Rus, K2UA
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