Member Photo Gallery

Ken, N6RO (photo by N6TV)

NCCC: Once a member -- Always a member!

NCCC is much more than a world-class Contesting Club.  It's a fellowship of ham radio operators who are among the most knowledgeable and friendly in the hobby.

This Gallery is an attempt to honor our membership by putting faces to those famous callsigns. Over 600 members are represented in this Gallery.

Those photos highlighted in a Green Background also link further to a Station Photo or QSL Card ... or both.

Please email K6MM at webmaster@nccc.cc for further information if:

1. You would like to display your Station Photo or QSL Card
2. You would prefer a different photo for your headshot
3. You can help provide a photo for those callsigns missing a photo
4. You have any feedback -- be gentle!


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Note: Callsigns are sorted from "Left" to "Right", by Prefix, not Suffix
Callsigns Starting With

Mark, AA6DX

Peter, AA6SF

Don, AA6W

Art, AB4RL

Al, AD6E

Chuck, AD6GI
Robert, AD6I

Andy, AE6Y

Kirby, AF6OP

Jim, AF6PU

Scott, AF6RT

Stefan, AF6SA

Phil, AG6FU

Bill, AI6JZ

Walt, AJ6T

Ed, AJ6V

Chuck, AK6DV
Callsigns Starting With

Ira, K2RD

Bob, K3EST
Jack, K3FIV

Tom, K5RC

Station QSL

Len, K6ANP

Barb, K6BL
Bert, K6CSL



Dave, K6DAJ

Fred, K6DGW


Verne, K6DN
Elliott, K6EL
John, K6ESL

Tom, K6EU

Frank, K6FCW

Ross, K6GFJ

Don, K6GHA

George, K6GT

Vic, K6IC

Dan, K6IF

Fred, K6IJ

Armand, K6IP

Jim, K6JAT

Jack, K6JEB

John, K6JJ
David, K6JOX

Jim, K6JS

Russ, K6KLY
Dave, K6KNS

Kay, K6KO

Bill, K6KQV

Dick, K6KR
Steve, K6KS

Rick, K6LE

Dick, K6LRN

Terry, K6ME

John, K6MI

Mike, K6MKF

Mike, K6MLF

John, K6MM
Richard, K6MMU

Ken, K6MR

Bob, K6NV
Jim, K6OK

Bob, K6ON

Michael, K6OR

Mark, K6OWL
Bruce, K6OY

Rob, K6RB
Shiloh, K6RBT



Barry, K6RM

Alan, K6SRZ

Barry, K6ST

Dave, K6RC
Rich, K6RFM

Ken, K6TA

Kevin, K6TD

Bruce, K6TIG

Peter, K6TJ

Carolyn, K6TKD

Tyler, K6TLR

Mark, K6UFO

Steve, K6UM

Rick, K6VVA

Jon, K6WV

Kristen, K6WX

Ron, K6XC

Ted, K6XN

Bob, K6XV

Bob, K6XX

Joanna, K6YL

Mitch, K7DX

Denis, K7GK
Harry, K7GQ

Allan, K7GT

Shelley, K7MKL

Kurt, K7NV

Dick, K7VC

Tim, K7XC

John, K7XE

Jim, K9JM

Jim, K9YC

Dave, KA6BIM

Ted, KA6W
Bryan, KB0A

Dan, KB9AX

Roger, KD6UO

Jerry, KD6WKY

Rich, KE1B

Jeff, KE6AYK


Gary, KE6QR

Ken, KE6WC

John, KE6ZSN

Giiueseppe, KE8FT
Robert, KF0G
Larry, KF6NCX

Rafael, KG6DQL

Chris, KG6O

Carrol, KG6YPH

Todd, KH2TJ

Bill, KH6GJV

Lloyd, KH6LC
Shel, KI6ATA

Alex, KI6EZ

Lee, KI6OY
Sakae, KI6P
Marcus, KI6WDX

Richard, KJ6RA

Dave, KK6DF

Jake, KK6L
Jan, KM6G

Gordon, KM6I

Cliff, KN6DH

Sandy, KO6JF

Bob, KO6LU


Saraj, KU6F
Monte, KU7Y
Tom, KW6S

Denny, KX7M

Nick, KZ2V
Callsigns Starting With
Bill, N0KQ

Bob, N2NS

Roger, N3RC

Tom, N3ZZ

Trey, N5KO

Tom, N6AJR

Ric, N6AJS

Bill, N6BCT

Dean, N6BV

Larry, N6CCL

Rebar, N6DB

Dean, N6DE

Dana, N6DW
Jeff, N6DZR

Ron, N6EE
Joe, N6ENO

George, N6GEO

Jeff, N6GQ

Rick, N6GY

Ron, N6IE

Jim, N6JS

Norm, N6JV

Vicki, N6KLS

Rich, N6KT

Mel, N6MCM
Dennis, N6NG

Andy, N6NU

Byron, N6NUL

Dave, N6NZ

David, N6ORB

Elliott, N6PF

Matt, N6PN

Rick, N6RK

Rick, N6RNO

Ken, N6RO

Mark, N6SF

Steve, N6SJ

Rick, N6SPP

Doug, N6TQS

Bob, N6TV

Lew, N6VV

Chris, N6WM

Walt, N6XG

Rick, N6XI

Fred, N6YEU

Bill, N6ZFO

Mike, N7MH

Rich, N7TR

Terry, N7TW

Yin, N9YS

Steve, NA6G

Gary, NA6O
David, NC6D

Steve, NC6R

Richard, NC6RJ

Tom, ND2T

Clay, NF1R

Reg, NH6T

Garry, NI6T
Dennis, NJ6G

Javier, NM6E
Jim, NN6EE

Matt, NQ6N

Greg, NR6Q

Tom, NS6T

Tim, NU6S

Tom, NW6P
Callsigns Starting With

Ed, W0YK

Bob, W1RH

Steve, W1SRD

Tom, W2SC

John, W5AIM
Lucas, W6AER

Chris, W6ATV

Scott, W6CT

Bob, W6CYX

Don, W6CZ

Chuck, W6DPD

Dave, W6DR

Jim, W6EB

Jim, W6EU

Bill, W6FA

Jack, W6FB

Ben, W6FDU

Glenn, W6GJB
Sid, W6JJW

Frank, W6JTI
John, W6JZH
Robert, W6KR

John, W6LD

Chip, W6MY

Jack, W6NF

Dave, W6NL

Oli, W6NV

Rusty, W6OAT

QSL   Station

Steve, W6ONV

Bob, W6OPO

Glenn, W6OTC

Phil, W6PK

Ron, W6PZA
Bob, W6RC

Bob, W6RGG

Rick, W6RKC

Curt, W6RQ

Jim, W6SC
Steve, W6SFK

Rick, W6SR

Hank, W6SX

Kip, W6SZN

Ian, W6TCP

Dave, W6TE

Ken, W6XB

Josh, W6XU
Paul, W7IV

Dave, W8NF

Bill, W9KKN

Jeffrey, WA6KBL

Mike, WA6O
Stan, WA6ST

Mike, WA6ZTY

Bill, WB6CZG
John, WB6ETY

Bill, WB6JJJ

Rich, WC6H
John, WD6EIW

Doug, WE6Z

David, WJ6O

Jeff, WK6I

Al, WT6K

Dennis, WU6X

Doug, WW6D
Sheryl, WW6G

Matt, WX5S

Bill, WX6B

Jim, WX6V

Mitch, DJ0QN

Seppo, OH1VR

Gary, VA7RR

Niki, VE7NKI

Jay, VY1JA
Note: All photos were obtained from public sources or with permission from the original photographer. Special thanks to Bob (N6TV) and Marilyn (N6VAW) for use of their photo collections.

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