The Five Million Point Award Program

The 5 Meg award has generated a lot of interest since it started in July 1986.  From time to time, the rules and standings will be published in the JUG.  Any questions about the rules, or of any points totals should be addressed to Gary Johnson, NA6O.


This award is intended to give recognition for sustained efforts by NCCC members.  All too often club members compete with moderate stations, year-in and year-out without a reasonable chance actually to win major awards. The Five Million Point Award is designed to rectify this situation.  This award is issued on a once-per-person basis.

How to Enter:

  1. Email your results for each contest entered to NA6O  Include contest name, operator callsign, station callsign (if different), entry class (e.g., SOABLP, MS15HP, etc.), QSOs, mults, and score.

  2. Check the master database of NCCC member Scores on this website or the 3830 Scores Database to be sure your data is correct for each contest you entered.  Email NA6O any missing or corrected information.

  3. When you have reached a cumulative total of 5 million points, send a list of the contests that qualify you to NA6O, who will validate your request and present your 5 Meg plaque at the next club meeting.


  1. This award requires the accumulation of a total of five million points.

  2. Point totals shall be validated by NA6O based on the contestant's contest results recorded in the master database maintained on this website, Scores.  See "How to Enter" above.

  3. Any contest entry may be used for submission as long as the entrant is competing from within NCCC territory.

  4. It is not necessary for the NCCC to be participating as a club for your point totals to count toward this award.

  5. Participation with a Multi/Multi or Multi/Single station can count for this award.  You are credited with a proportion of the total score divided by total number of operators as posted in the master database, Scores.

List Of Awardees:
A current list of 5 Meg Award winners can be found Here.

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