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Next NCCC Meeting

Guests are always welcome at the NCCC! Please join us.

Dubai and A71AJ
 DVD Presentation with comments by W6OAT

Lunch: BBQ & Pot Luck ... MLDXCC will provide chicken breasts, beef tri-tip, condiments and paper plates/utensils.  NCCC will provide soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.  Potluck portion per the first letter of your call sign suffix:

  • A-G: Desserts (simple desserts, cookies, fresh fruit, etc.)
  • H-N: Chips/dips/salsas
  • O-U: Salad (potato, macaroni, fruit, green, etc.)
  • V-Z: Relishes (assorted pickles, olives, carrot sticks, veggies w/dip, etc.)

Additional Options

Date: Saturday, 23 July 2005
Time: 11:30am schmooze, 12:00pm lunch, 1:00pm program
Senior Center, 229 New York Ranch Road, Jackson

Take State Highways 49/88 to Jackson.  From the West (State Highway 88) or North (State Highway 49), go through the traffic light at 49/88 intersection and proceed to bottom of hill, turn left at the 2nd stop sign (Safeway and Chevron gas station will be on your right), onto State Highway 88 East to Lake Tahoe.  Follow signs to Senior Center and turn left on Court Street (approximately 1 mile).  New York Ranch Road will be the first stop sign (1/4 mile).  Turn right and the Senior Center will be on the left approximately 100 yards from the intersection and behind an apartment complex (signs will direct you to “Oak Manor”).  Parking is available in both the front and back. Additional parking is available next door at the Quail Hollow Professional Center with stairs at rear that lead to the Senior Center. Please do not park in the spots marked for the Oak Manor Convalescent home

In addition to the Safeway mentioned above, if you continue South thru the stop there will be a Ralph’s on the right (1/4 mile) and a Raley’s on the right (1 mile).

To Jackson from the Bay Area - Take Interstate 580 East to Interstate 205 (bypass Tracy) and proceed to Interstate 5 North. Proceed North to Stockton and take State Highway 4 (Ort Lofthus Freeway) East to State Highway 99 North.  Proceed North for approximately 1 mile and take State Highway 88 East to Jackson.

To Jackson from Nevada - Take Interstate 80 or State Highway 50 West to State Highway 49 and proceed South to Jackson.  Or take NV/CA State Highway 395 South to State Highway 88 West to Jackson and turn right on Court Street.

From the North or Sacramento - Take State Highway 16 (Jackson Road) East to State Highway 49 and proceed South to Jackson.

From the South - Take State Highway 99 North to State Highway 88 East to Jackson.  

Need real-time directions??  Talk in on Amador County ARC repeater, K6ARC, 146.835 –600 kHz. (100 hz. PL, if in use).  Alternates; W6SF, 146.165 +600 or 146.52.

Fjying - If you are planning to fly to the joint meeting – here are the instructions (check with N6XI for further details):

Fly in to 070 Westover Field – Amador County Airport in Jackson. It is 20.7 miles from the LIN VOR (114.8) on the 012 radial. The field has 3,400’ of paved runway and someone can be there to pick you up (advance notice required- please notify Jim, WX6V, at (530) 823-6268 or (530) 613-4432 to make the necessary arrangements.) Unicom/CTAF is 122.8 and there is an AWOS on 121.125 (209-257-1292). There is a GPS and a VOR/DME approach. The airport office is 209-223-2376.

Note – this information is from the AOPA online airport directory. Check official sources for the latest information prior to flight.

For additional information contact:

  • Kay or Ken, K6KO,  or Ken, K6TA (phone 209-296-5577)
  • Dick, K6LRN (phone 530-620-2147)
  • Jim, WX6V (phone 530-823-6268)



Tentative schedule of future meetings:

  • 11 July: tba

  •   8 August: tba

  • 12 September: tba

  • 10 October: tba

  • 14 November: tba

  • 12 December: tba

  •   9 January (2006): tba

  • 13 February: tba

  • 13 March: tba

  • 10 April: tba

Meetings are usually the second Monday of the month. Meeting locations change from month-to-month to make it more convenient for members in various parts of our territory to attend.  The locations and program topics listed above are a tentative projection.  Always consult this page or the JUG for the final information on the next meeting.

Please contact N6EM with any suggestions for programs you would like to see, or provide!  Thanks.

Past Meetings



Meeting Locations

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